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YouTube Booster CRX extension 0.4.3 file for Google chrome Browser at Google Chrome Web store.Also,YouTube Booster CRX extension online are very helpful for every internet User. Even more powerful and useful for Business.



YouTube Booster for chrome extension Download for Chrome

YouTube Booster saves time in use.It is very importent at this time.Subject-based tasks are within reach. After that People have increased their work now so use it to do more in less time and to make the work better. by the time Google Chrome Browser is the most popular Uses’ Web and mobile Browser worldwide. Also,YouTube Booster CRX extension are the Chrome Browser Addons can make the Better experience for every User. for this reason Maybe, YouTube Booster CRX Addons customize and Development By dweorh’s solutions. Total source code open github.

Download YouTube Booster CRX Extension for Chrome

Looking For YouTube Booster CRX extension For your Chrome Browser? So, This is Breaking News for you. Today going to provide all Information of YouTube Booster addons. That will help you to Download your computer without any problem. Let’s Read more about the YouTube Booster CRX extension for chrome Browser. Also read: Night Eye extension Download.

YouTube Booster CRX extension

What is YouTube Booster for Chrome browser?

Chrome is presently one of the most famous browsers. It has already established its position among the users for all its special features and stability. Currently, we all use the Chrome web browser. various search engine-related tasks.
Chrome Browser YouTube Booster Extension (Chrome extension) is actually a small program that can be installed in the Chrome browser and then add some more functionality to the Chrome browser so that you can do many things from within your Chrome browser. Whether adblocking.

What is YouTube Booster Extension?

YouTube Booster Extensions are a part of making computer work easier.
In the world of ICT we have a lot to know, that is known through YouTube Booster.

Why use YouTube Booster?

YouTube Booster saves time in use.Subject-based tasks are within reach.People have increased their work now so use it to do more in less time and to make the work better.

How To YouTube Booster CRX for Chrome Extension Free Download?

YouTube Booster CRX is an expert productivity file and message informing application that allows anybody to rapidly record and offer recordings with huge crowds. This application is centered not around giving its video creation, altering, and distributing devices for clients who need to send their documents to online media stages, however for school, work, and association use situations where video messages can substantially more powerfully serve the planned interest group.

YouTube Booster CRX Addons Features

Change video speed, disable auto pause, do OSINT, play with markers, video’s keywords, and more…
YouTube Booster’s key features:
– Video Speed Control
– Auto Pause Video Switch
– Keywords
– Markers
– YT Orchestra

It is a free extension. No account is required.

You can watch a short tutorial about that extension here (quite old, a new one should come soon 😉 ):

If you appreciate my work, buy me a coffee 🙂

In times of the massive amount of fake news, I added a new feature OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).
In that section, I will place all links that may help to verify the current video.
We start by searching thumbnails in Google and TinEye search engines.
You can also capture a current frame of the video, download it, or click the right mouse button using google lenses or any other extension you have installed.
If you know any services that can be linked there, leave them in a comment, please.
As requested on Twitter, there is an option to download chat content from live videos. To retrieve the full chat, the tab with the video needs to be open at the beginning of the video, otherwise downloaded chat may be incomplete.

‘Video Speed’
Are some videos too slow? YT Booster has a slide bar to change the speed of the video up to x16!
Use keyboard to change the speed. Buttons +/- will modify speed, = will reset to the default one.

‘Disable auto pause’
Allows you to manage auto pause of the videos, when you watch/listen long playlists.

Cards can be visible all the time, so you can see what else the creator prepared for you 🙂 To make them visible check ‘Cards’ checkbox in the menu next to your URL bar.

If you are a creator and you are wondering what keywords other creators use for their productions, now you have easy access to them.
As a viewer, maybe you are interested in topics meant as a keyword by your favorite YouTuber. Now there are links to instant search. Easy click&explore 🙂

That section displays chapters from the video, if available. Currently playing chapter is highlighted on the list to make navigation easier. There is a button to add any of the chapters as your Marker.

That feature allows you to create personal markers for videos. Click ‘Add’ in the ‘Markers’ section, add a few words of description and save. Now you have quick access to that particular moment in the video. You can also organize your Markers using Tags.

‘YT Orchestra’
Have you ever experienced the nightmare of all chrome tabs playing simultaneously just because the OS did update & restart?
If you are like me, with a few dozens of YT tabs open, you can feel that pressure to find them all playing…
Now, YT Orchestra allows you to ‘play only one video.’ Once one video starts playing, all others will be paused.
Also, at the bottom of ‘YT Booster’s frame, all YT tabs are listed with status and simple video control, and quick links to those tabs.

I hope you will find a few other features helpful, like a number of adverts and screens that usually appear at the end of the video.

You have two export options in the ‘Import & Export’ section.
One is a simple export of Markers to a text file.
The second export is for backup purposes, the same as an import. Here you can import exported .json file. It allows you to move data between browsers or keep it as a backup 🙂

Besides the standard export, you can copy marker(s) to the clipboard by clicking the clipboard icon.
That one next to ‘+’ in Markers will copy the current timestamp and video title to your clipboard.
The icon next to the video thumbnail on the Markers list will copy all markers from that video.
And finally, the icon next to the ‘delete’ icon will copy details of the particular entry.

PS. There is neither registration nor tracking. Everything is stored in your browser. If you uninstall this extension or cleanup caches of your browser, your list of markers will be removed permanently. Prons & cons of anonymous usage 😉

PS2. Remember to reload pages with YTBooster after updating this extension.

** Releases **
– fix for subtitles when video speed change (up to x2)
– add contact link to me for easier issue reporting
– YT Booster is collapsable now
– manage auto pause
– fix for not updating video details after change
– error fixes
– support for video speed change by pressing +/-/=
– upgrade common libraries
– upgrade manifest.json from v2 to v3
– jump to a marker without page reload within the current video.
– button to capture a frame from the video
– fixed speed control feature
– fix for Orchestra section to display tiles of tabs with videos only
– fixed re-play a video after the first pause or finish watching
– fix YT Booster loader, extension is enable for the whole vs the previous only
– improved ‘download chat’ for Live Streams
– highlighted background for currently playing chapter
– bugfixes
– ‘download chat’ in OSINT section
– new section OSINT
– removed likes and avg rating sections because data is no longer available
– avg rating is not available anymore; display ‘-‘ instead of NaN
– fix for chapters
– give the extension more time to deploy itself
– fix for dislike estimation formula
– estimate number of dislikes if value not provided by YT
– fix player status reporting
– fix chapters in case of not supported type
– new ‘Likes’ view to show likes and dislikes of the video
– fix for an issue with visibility of the right panel
– new Cards feature
– further improvements of the initializer
– improved YT Booster initializer
– Video Speed feature
– fix YouTube Orchestra list
– marker line highlighted when mouse is over
– fixed markers order, based on its time instead of order of adding them
– tags in markers
– editing markers
– video title over video thumbnail
– adjustment to a new YouTube chapters format
– more responsive layout
– the whole content script rewritten with VueJS 3
– Video chapters section + button to add them to Markers
– UX improvements
– Markers will sync between browsers
– Reload button added to refresh list of open tabs

Is YouTube Booster free?

Yes, YouTube Booster is the Totally Free Google Chrome User.

How To install Viewport Resizer CRX Extension For Chrome Browser?

Firstly If you are fast user for google chrome browser. follow this instruction.
Fast open google chrome web store
Secondly Than search YouTube Booster CRX extension use search box.
However  now you can see your computer YouTube Booster addons.
Thirdly  Now click add for chrome button.
Wait few minutes
most importantly after complete download file dubble click on this Crx file.
now install YouTube Booster CRX extension.
Moreover successfully Install YouTube Booster CRX addons upper right sow YouTube Booster icon.

How do Remove the extension?

To Remove an extension, open up your browser, click on the three lines at the top right corner of your screen. Select “more tools,” then “Extensions” you can see your install extension. Now select and click the Remove button on your install extension. Wait for a few seconds; your browser extension will be successfully removed.

In counclusion: The biggest thing about this Chrome browser extension (Chrome extension) is that most chrome-extensions are free and you can download and use them from the Google Chrome Web Store. There is no need to install any separate software for this. This Information Must Have Fulfilled All your Quaries About the YouTube Booster Extension.It is very beneficial in our life. Now Download This Amazing Addons For Google chrome Browser and Enjoy it. If you like the YouTube Booster CRX extension Please Share your friend and social Media like Facebook, Twitter even also.

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